Various & Sundry 2022 #9

I am working on updating all of my old posts that link out to my old Blogspot blog. I went through 2007 the other day and updated a bunch of links. I used to create really clever titles. Hope I am not boring you now.

Projects, Classes, Patterns & Tutorials

Help Uvalde
Help Uvalde

If you want to help the people affected by the shooting in Uvalde, here is one way. Click on the photo to see it larger.

My friend and I did some paper folding the other day. In the course of teaching her to make a Mette Ring, she told me about the Woven Stars she makes at Christmas. I found a tutorial, which she said was the way she makes hers.

Vanessa of Crafty Gemini has a new mini-bag club with cute patterns. The early bird pricing is over, but you can still join and get your holiday gifts finished.

Vanessa also has a video on 3 tips for zippers to go along with her new club.

If you want to see a quick video on changing the look of zippers, I found a post on IG.

Another friend, Mary C, finds all the good quilt-a-longs. Mostly I admire her work, but I signed up for the Harmony and Light QAL. Sign up is free through October and I wanted to look at the pattern. Not sure I will actually sew it, but you never know. Also, I have a long to do list and need to get it whittled down.

Tips from Quilting Daily about your sewing machine.

Double Pointed Needle Keeper by Nome Knitter
Double Pointed Needle Keeper by Nome Knitter

You may have seen that I took a knitting class. One of the items I learned about was a double pointed needle keeper. I found a tutorial for making them from The Nome Knitter.

Not that I would ever do it, but I liked the horizontal FMQ sampler lessons provided by Lori Kennedy. The reader quilts she posted are interesting and exciting.

Sherri Noel has a tutorial for a simple needlebook. The needlebook shows a lot of optional embroidery so get out your Perl Cotton.

She also has a tutorial called Bento Lunch Bag. I like the shape, though probably wouldn’t use a lunch bag. The inside of the bag is not shown.

AllPeopleQuilt Pool Noodle Basting
AllPeopleQuilt Pool Noodle Basting

AllPeopleQuilt had an IG post about basting using a Pool Noodle. I haven’t tried this technique, but thought it might be worthwhile to watch the video and try the technique.

Interesting collection of 12 patterns for $72 from Swoon. It’s a good deal even if you don’t want to make all of the bags.

Need to jumpstart some UFOs or WIPs? Take the My Creative Corner3 10 Day quilting challenge. Start with the PDF.

Tools, Books, Fabric, Notions & Supplies

Renaissance Ribbons are fantastic. I have found them hard to use, thus hard to justify buying. Tula talks about her new Tiny Beasts ribbon in a recent video, but also how she uses ribbon. I used some of her tips on my A Place for Everything v.2.0 bag and LOVE the detail. It makes me so happy to see the ribbons there. It also gives me ideas about how to use ribbon going forward.

Articles, Tips and Other Information

Did you know there was such a place/organization as the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design? No? Me either.

Friend Julie has finished her Orange Bullseye top. You can see the full top and some details on a recent post.

Friend Julie’s August Cornucopia post is up and has some interesting links.











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