Julie’s Problem Zipper

Take a Stand - Problem Zipper
Take a Stand – Problem Zipper

In September I did a gift inventory as I worked on various projects for the holidays. It takes time to make gifts, so I do periodic inventories so I am not scrambling at the last second. During this excavation, I found that the zipper on Julie’s Take a Stand bag had the same problem as mine! Fortunately, I realized this in September, not November 30, and took care of the problem right away. It really only took me a few minutes, since I had already fixed the issue on my bag.

Take a Stand - Fixed Zipper
Take a Stand – Fixed Zipper

I took 15 minutes while DH made dinner and fixed the zipper. I was able to tighten up the size of the zipper tab at the same time, which made me feel better. I don’t like zipper tabs that are big and floppy. I realize that the one on the end was not big and floppy before I fixed it, but it was not the right size either.

Take a Stand opens wide
Take a Stand opens wide

Now the bag opens wide. Yay!

And I was able to admire the inside again, which came out very well. I am very proud of it.

I really felt irritated with myself. What was the deal with those two zipper heads? If I did it twice, there had to be something in the pattern.

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