Continuing the Disco Double Zip Pouch

The Disco Double Zip Pouch is from Minikins Season 2. Yes, hooray, I am working on it. Last time we talked, I had everything cut out. Then I went on vacation for a week and didn’t work on it. When I returned, I started sewing this project.

I think I decided to make the large size, because what I have is rather large. I have no idea what I chose. It is, at least larger than I expected. This pattern seems very similar to the Bello Pouch, though with double zips

Disco Double Zip inside out
Disco Double Zip inside out

It is kind of amazing. It went together very quickly. I thought it would be complicated, but the parts of the zipper that create the double zippers went together really easily. The center piece looks strange, kind of like a handle.

Disco Double Zip in process
Disco Double Zip in process

There were some similarities to the Hackney. Specifically, making the gusset was similar to the Hackney. I am learning that making a dozen (??) Hackneys really upped my skills. I am not sure why that one pattern helped me so much.

On to the lining!



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