Various & Sundry 2024 #2


The Minikins page is updated with new Bluestem pouches, a new Piebald pouch and new I Spy pouches.

The Quilt Class and Teaching page has also been updated. Get in touch if you want to learn a wide variety of techniques. I am hoping to start a class at the end of July.

The Quilts in Print page has been updated with one new book.

Projects, Classes, Patterns & Tutorials

My friend, Carrie, is always sending me different tutorials and pattern ideas, mostly for bags and pouches. She recently showed me the IG feed of AtelierCoraCaoEmRetalHos. She has some great bag shapes and some clever ways of putting them together.  Very inspiring.

Tools, Books, Fabric, Notions & Supplies

The Quik Hang Magnetic Quilt Hanging System is the new product from Sew Tites. As I have said before, those women are on fire! The product enables quiltmakers to hang quilts and wallhangings using magnets. I haven’t tried it, but it does look interesting. “The system has 4 metal strips with pre-drilled holes to install permanently onto your wall and 6 super-strong SewTites magnets. You can leave the strips white or paint them to match your walls before installation. You may use all four strips, spaced however far apart you would like them, or just use two or three to accommodate all of the sizes of quilts you make.”

Media, Books and Articles

The MQG has a catalog of QuiltCon quilts for purchase. Pre-orders are available now. Note: I could only find the link to purchase on the MQG’s IG page. It was not on their website.

Events, Shops, Exhibits and Shows

Women’s Work 1 is in a show called Women’s View, March 1-April 26, 2024. The page for this quilt has been updated as well.

There is an interesting exhibit at the deYoung called Lee Mingwei: Rituals of Care. It includes a part where the artist and/or his assistants will embellish torn clothes for you. The information about the exhibits is evocatively written in the article.

Other Artists

A friend of mine has become a master glass artist. Check out her website, Glass Art by Tracey, to see some beautiful pieces, such as bowls, cake stands (or footed bowls?) and wine racks.

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