Zentangle Basic

The last time I did a Zentangle, I think, was in 2018. I have a very nice book by Rick and Maria**, the Zentangle Founders that I bought at the class I took with my mom.

Zentangle May 2024
Zentangle May 2024

I was out of town last week and desperate for some creativity work, so I pulled out my Zentangle supplies and did one.

I followed the instructions in the book, because I have forgotten most of what I learned in the class. I didn’t do any shading, but can go back and do some later. You can see how the shading changes the look in one of the previous tiles I made.

I don’t really need the tile, but I have it so I’ll figure out something to do with it.

My doctor wants me to do things to reduce stress. This might be a good activity.







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2 thoughts on “Zentangle Basic”

  1. Zentangles are so much fun…so simple yet so complex! Regarding stress…we all seem to have that in spades these days!!! I read an article about humming to combat stress. If your mind is fixating on something stressful or you’re having anxiety, hum. They say that humming a tune makes your brain block out everything else in order to hum! I briefly tried this yesterday and it seemed to work. 🙂

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