Dolores’ Pencil Roll

Dolores, a member of CQFA, faithfully arranges a retreat every year. Every year it is better and better. I had in my mind that I would make her a pencil roll as a thank you. After last week, I didn’t think I would have the time, but, I started it on Sunday, thinking that I … Continue reading “Dolores’ Pencil Roll”

CQFA Retreat Projects

I talked a little about the CQFA Retreat a few days ago, which discussed a lot of the projects on which I worked. A number of projects were worked on and finished. Angela, of course, made the bag in which they placed my birthday gifts. I was not suspicious at all, because I didn’t think … Continue reading “CQFA Retreat Projects”

CQFA December 2017 Meeting

CQFA was last Saturday, as I mentioned in the ATC post, and was held in our new space. Andrea at A Work of Heart is allowing us to use the space on Saturdays when the shop is closed. Marie and Maureen worked really hard to arrange for us to use the space. It is a … Continue reading “CQFA December 2017 Meeting”

Creative Spark #17: Inspiration

The first headline of this spark is “Follow Fireflies. it made me think of my ‘What If’ game. The first line also sent my mind spinning. It reads “Inspiration is everywhere you look” (pg.73). I had just been walking down a street I frequent when I saw the decoration/gargoyle on a house. I thought it … Continue reading “Creative Spark #17: Inspiration”

CQFA Show and Tell

Rhonda and I ducked out of the BAM Retreat to attend the CQFA meeting. They are often conflicting at the moment, which is a challenge. I didn’t want to leave the retreat, however I have missed so many CQFA meetings that I felt bad about missing another. Since Rhonda was going, I decided to go … Continue reading “CQFA Show and Tell”

CQFA Retreat

The CQFA Retreat was back to its normal last weekend of January timeframe. I was so pleased to be able to attend again. I know I went in May, but the last couple of January retreats, I wasn’t able to attend. I love January and quiltmaking in January is the best. Short description of the … Continue reading “CQFA Retreat”

Another Great CQFA Meeting

I had a great time at the meeting yesterday and it really didn’t have anything to do with the actual meeting. After the business and show and tell, we sat down to work on the picture I posted earlier this week as our workshop picture. We split up and added more tables so people had … Continue reading “Another Great CQFA Meeting”

CQFA Meeting – Feb 2015

I finally made it back to a CQFA meeting! September was the last meeting I attended and it feels like an eternity. We changed locations and the months in which we will meet. The crowd was quite large – about 25 people. Dues were collected. Retreat monies were collected (if you are not a member … Continue reading “CQFA Meeting – Feb 2015”

Serendipity Lady Help and Process

We had a discussion at the CQFA social on Saturday about Workshop projects and how they are not always the kind of projects one wants to finish. There are a lot of variables going into the workshop -the right fabric and supplies, working in an unfamiliar environment, etc. – that conspire to make you learn … Continue reading “Serendipity Lady Help and Process”

Design Wall Monday – Early January

Is it still early January or have we moved into mid January already? I don’t know. I seem to be back in the saddle after a really good mini-session with Maureen and Dolores. More on that later, but in the meantime, I have been making a sort of effort to sew. That effort has result … Continue reading “Design Wall Monday – Early January”

Fiberarts International

Keeping with my mini-theme of doing things out of the ordinary I went to an exhibit of part of the most recent Fiberarts International on Saturday with Maureen, Nancy & Dolores. We also had lunch. The exhibit was at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles. The exhibit is on now through January 19, … Continue reading “Fiberarts International”