Finished: Cool Windmill

Cool Windmill Finished
Cool Windmill Finished

I was reminded when I wrote the 26 Projects post yesterday that I forgot to post the finished Cool Windmill quilt.

Right now it’s kind of all Frolic! all the time so I am happy I didn’t post this earlier so you guys get a break from Frolic!.

This will head off to a friend’s house once Shelter-in-Place is over, though if I have to go out, I might drop it off and do a sort of ding-dong-ditch. I would tell her and possible stand off the porch and ‘yell’ at her when she opens the door. We’ll see how long I want it hanging around. We have another month of Shelter-in-Place.

Cool Windmill back (finished)
Cool Windmill back (finished)

The back is ok. I don’t know why I chose so much green, perhaps to get rid of it.

DH was kind enough to hold the quilt up for me so I could photograph it. Click on the photos to enlarge them as they look better.

Mom has requested one of these, but in warm colors. That will be a good way to get rid of some of the patches and it was a fun and easy quilt to make. I look forward to that.

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