Creative Prompt Response #15: Exploring Squares

Amy of Creative Mom Podcast posted a picture of one of her ATCs. It was the ATC response to the March ATC project she does. I think the prompt was Lucky, but am not sure. I kept thinking about that ATC and the squares and wasn’t able to get them out of my mind.

CB2 Wall Decor, May 2009
CB2 Wall Decor, May 2009

THEN I saw a piece of art that resembled the ATC in the CB2 catalog and knew something was happening. Last hursday night, in the midst of the complete chaos into which my life had devolved, I went upstairs, opened up a sketchbook, which is too big and thus intimidating, and drew some connected squares. Then I went, rummaged around in my scrap basket and got some of those blues of which I am so fond lately. I cut them up into squares and glued them over the drawn squares.

My Squares, May 2009
My Squares, May 2009

Then I closed the book, did my exercises and went to bed.

The whole experience was good. A little surreal, but good.

Update 5/30/2009 – After reading a magazine I was reminded of some quilts by Denyse Schmidt that also look like the above works. One is a quilt called What a Bunch of Squares and the other was called Mental Blocks.

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6 thoughts on “Creative Prompt Response #15: Exploring Squares”

  1. It reminds me of something like a mobile made of hanging squares on string. I almost expect to see them fluttering in the breezes. 🙂 I also love blue…one of my more favored colors for sure.

  2. Taking refuge in your journal is a great escape mechanism. Glad you’re utilizing it. The blues looks great. You could do it as a real life mobile with a really stiff non-sewable fusible and two pieces of fabric, fused over a small thread or cord. That would look pretty in your studio window!

    1. Julie: what a great idea! I am also inspired by the wonky log cabin pillow on the cover of a recent Stitch magazine. The colors relate so it has continued by thinking of blue squares.

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