Knitted Scarf Complete!

Knitted Scarf: complete
Knitted Scarf: complete

When we went to the North Coast, I also brought along this scarf, which I discussed before. I only had a few rows to knit before I was ready to bind it off.

I knitted a few rows and started to bind it off. When I had about 10 more stitches to bind off, I realized that I didn’t have enough of a tail to finishing the binding off. I was in a patient mood, so I unbound what I had done and unknitted a row, then bound the scarf off.

This was a really good reminding experience. I have knitted a few things and once I get going, I am ok. I liked the stitch, especially since the edges don’t curl. It is no great masterpiece, but I enjoyed working on it.

I didn’t measure it, but you can see the approximate length (25″??) because the charm pack is 5×5″.

I would like to get more yarn and make another scarf. I don’t think this one is long enough, so perhaps I will use 2 skeins next time. Perhaps I have a knitting needles roll in my future?

Thanks to Michele and Ginny for getting me going on this project.

Author: Jaye

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3 thoughts on “Knitted Scarf Complete!”

  1. Really pretty yarn! The picture just can’t do it justice! I love making things in the car… I almost always have a pair of socks or mitts in a bag or basket ready to go….
    Nice work!

    1. Lutra, Thanks for stopping by. I often sew in the car, but think that this is the first time I have done knitting. I was a little nervous about getting stabbed by the needles. It worked out and I want to get more yarn and start another scarf.

  2. This yarn is a beautiful color and will look lovely on you, even if you can only drape it around you neck. You should definitely consider making a knitting needle case. Quilt fabrics are so pretty and an individually made case is very special.

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