Finished: Sewing Machine Cozy

Front View
Front View

I have been thinking (and, perhaps, also talking about) making a cover for my sewing machine for a long time. Last Friday was the day! I took one extra day off work and made the long weekend really long. I got a ton done and was able to rest a bit. I didn’t feel so exhausted when I went back to work.

I buy some large pieces of fabric if I think I will make a bag from the fabric. I don’t like piecing together bits and pieces to make a bag. The Philip Jacobs Japanese Chrysanthemum print I used was one such piece. I was going to make a bag, but I really like it and thought I wouldn’t mind looking at it all the time as a sewing machine cover.

I used a pattern from Strawberry Patches. I had a hard time understanding the pattern, so I also printed the post where she talked about making the cozy and showed pictures. The pattern is fine; my brain just didn’t understand how to make the thing without pictures. I do appreciate people posting tutorials like this, which is part of the reason I post tutorials, too. Have you see the AQ Tutorials? Someday I’ll optimize them for printing.

Side View
Side View

The pattern provides measurements for some Bernina machines, but also tells the maker how to measure your own machine, which is what I did. The one thing I should have done is compared the measurements for the lining and the outside. The author suggests that you do those measurements separately, but I think they need to be similar in size. Mine were similar, but not exactly the same and I found the outside was larger once I was ready to sew the lining to the outside. I put some tucks in it, which I wouldn’t do for a gift, but I consider it a lesson for the future.

I am not sure why the author had pockets on the pattern, but I put them in. The Michael Miller turquoise dot makes me happy. Now I can keep the dust off my machine.

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5 thoughts on “Finished: Sewing Machine Cozy”

  1. very cool… of course the colors are perfect for my taste. I’m trying to reorganize my studio (emphasis of trying) so that it is more efficient and inviting. I think I will make a machine cover too. thanks.


  2. I have to say that you should think about stitching the linking to the top of the cozy, because I am finding that the linking will get caught on something when I take it off the machine. It doesn’t hurt anything, but is annoying. I might stitch a handle to put on the top of it.

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