Pineapple Redux

Pineapple quilt
Pineapple quilt

This is what the awesome BAMQG Charity girls made from my disappointing Pineapple blocks. I was so thrilled to see this quilt made from the blocks that I thought were a hopeless loss.

In addition to being happy that the blocks were usable, I also learned that a few mismatches wouldn’t detract from the overall look of the quilt.

This makes me feel like I could make new blocks and make a quilt out of those blocks. I still want to work out the measurements of the blocks, row by row so I can try and figure where I went wrong on the first series of blocks.

I just feel so much better about my original idea and about my technique.

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7 thoughts on “Pineapple Redux”

  1. I do see 2 types of blocks there. the outer blocks have the 4 blades define , while the inner blocks have some of the blades blending. Had you meant to do that on purpose in your first design? I have made a few pineapples and am itching to get at another as soon as I get a few other obligations out of the way.

  2. Yes, the blocks they used for the inner part were destined to be borders on mine. I like to finish off my quilts with a border that finishes the design.

  3. I like it too. I think they did a great job for you! You did a lot of work on it too. I understand wanting to know where you went wrong. I am working on a simple log cabin quilt and when playing with the layout discovered two things. The first is that I don’t have enough contrast. I kind of knew it might not, but was a bit sad that it was even more than expected. Then I discovered I had sewed a block wrong. I played a little rippit, rippit, frog sewing and fixed it, but how the heck did I sew it wrong in the first place???
    Why is it we love quilting so much? LOL

  4. I absolutely love this quilt! The “mismatched” pineapple blocks really give it a lot of movement. And those colors? WOW! It’s such a bright and fun quilt. Definitely one of my favorites!

  5. I really liked this quilt when I saw it at the meeting, Jaye. Polka dots are so FUN! I’m glad to know it is yours – definitely NOT a lost cause, and I hope you’ll bring the new one you might start to a meeting someday! 🙂

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