Swoon #8

Swoon #8
Swoon #8

It took me awhile to get back to the Swoon blocks. I keep the latest one on the design to remind me to do it. It has been awhile since I made the last one. I think, after reading Landscape Lady’s comment from last week, I am in transition. I am trying to be in transition.

I spent last Saturday making blocks. It is kind of meditative work, but also clean up work in a way. I made some blocks for the A-B-C Challenge. I also made the Swoon block.

It is funny when I make Swoon blocks. I make one and then I want to make another, but I put it off, because there is so much cutting. Then I have to learn to make the block all over again. I made some notes when I made the last one and it was easier this time. I hope not to put it off so long until I make the next one.

8 Swoon Blocks
8 Swoon Blocks

Since I had cleared the design wall, I put all the blocks up and took another picture of them all.

One thing is that I think I will add sashing. Yay! I get to go through the drama of picking sashing fabric all over again. Perhaps I should take my time making more blocks? 😉

I think the look is pretty good. I will make more and then see how I want to proceed.

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3 thoughts on “Swoon #8”

  1. Oh these are adorable! I have npt seen these before,,,looks like a lot of work but worth it. How big are the finished blocks? I am in a lazy spell, and have not done your Friday prompt but want to.

    1. My blocks are 16″ finished, though the original blocks by Camille Roskelley are 24′. That is too big for me, so I resized them. They have about 65 pieces in them. The original version had about 90 and I thought it would look better if some of the pieces were consolidated.

  2. so very cool! each one is a new work of art in itself – all are the same but different – just like people don’t you think?

    I am baffled by CPP solitaire by the way – I did a quick ace of spades (posted in flickr) and started to try a flying cards like when you win on a computer game of solitaire, but would have to take more time than I have right now – oh well, on to bigger and better things today:-)

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