Ribbon Star

Ribbon Star Parts
Ribbon Star Parts

I finally got this block together. I made it differently this time; I used half square triangles instead of rectangles and squares. I don’t like the look of so many seams, but I couldn’t get the piece together in the correct size doing it any other way.

I am not giving you the pattern this time, because even in EQ, it wouldn’t come out right. I don’t want you to be frustrated either.

The other thing is that TFQ and I had a disagreement about the grid of this block. I drew it on the same grid as the other Sawtooth Stars. I found, though, that she was right once I started to make it. It is really a 9 patch. I shouldn’t have disagreed. She is usually correct about such things.

Ribbon Star Finished
Ribbon Star Finished

Finally, this is the last 12″ block.

This is the last 12″ block.

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  1. I enjoy looking at the star blocks. This ribbon block is so interesting. What comes to mind is the star just beaming and shining so brightly, sort of like when fireworks explode and in the night sky.

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