Star Sampler: 8″ Blocks

Green Basic Star
Green Basic Star

We have started the 8″ blocks this week. We are doing 4 each week and one of them will be a Basic Star. Being honest, I did the green one as a test when we started talking about the project.

Four 8" Blocks
Four 8″ Blocks

I was able to finish the other three blocks this weekend. I am pleased with them. I have added a couple more lavenders. I am not sure about them, but I will use at least a few more pieces so they don’t look odd.

I chose the blocks this week and they are Basic Star (top, left), Hourglass Star (top, right), Four Patch Star (bottom, right), Four Patch Variation (bottom, right).

We have 40 total of these blocks to make and I might make some of the Basic Stars in advance.

I have been doing some prep of the 4″ blocks, cutting the backgrounds and the corners in readiness for when I need some leaders and enders.

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  1. I particularly like the color choices in the one on the bottom left. Design wise I am really liking the one on the bottom right – it’s another one that may make its way into post-star sampler quilts.

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