Disappearing Pinwheel

A week or so ago, before the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, Sandy and AJ started ‘a thing’ on Twitter about the the Disappearing Pinwheel block. I have made a Disappearing 9 Patch (Food Quilt) and really like the disappearing part, so this ‘thing’ caught my attention.

Mod Century
Mod Century

I watched the video (see below) and found a layer cake. I also played around with the techniques on paper and then got busy and haven’t done anything yet. I have a Mod Century Layer Cake and thought the pattern would be a good use of the Layer Cake. I haven’t done anything yet.

A lot of people are working on the Disappearing Pinwheel, including many Twilters. While I was out of town for work and political wifery, Daisy already has a top done, Carole has her blocks done and Torie is close to having her blocks done. Jackie, Gretchen  and Valerie are close behind. It is awesome how dedicated they are and how they got to this project so quickly.

Daisy's DPW
Daisy’s DPW
Robin's DPW (via Daisy)
Robin’s DPW (via Daisy)


Gretchen's DPW
Gretchen’s DPW


Torie-Test's DPW Test
Torie-Test’s DPW Test
Torie's 2d DPW
Torie’s 2d DPW

Now, Carole is an interesting case, and I don’t mean ‘interesting’ in a derogatory way. Carole uses a bold palette that makes a lot of her work look really different than other work I have seen. Carole’s DPW is no exception. I don’t know where she comes up with these ideas, but she succeeds with flying colors. I am so glad she agreed to allow me to share these photos with you!

Carole Wool DPW
Carole Wool DPW


Carole Wool DPW
Carole Wool DPW
Carole Wool DPW
Carole Wool DPW
Carole Wool DPW
Carole Wool DPW
Carole Wool DPW
Carole Wool DPW
Carole Wool DPW
Carole Wool DPW
Carole Wool DPW
Carole Wool DPW




Marisa also pointed out a very good blog post about the Disappearing Pinwheel.

In case you want to make your own Disappearing Pinwheel, here are the directions that Carole wrote out:

  • Start with 10 1/2″ squares of background and plaids.
  • Paired them right sides together, sprayed w heavy starch
  • Trimmed blocks to 10″
  • Sewed around edges, 1/4 seam
  • Cut block corner to corner both ways
  • Carefully pressed seam toward plaids
  • Mixed up fabrics to make pinwheels
  • Sewed pinwheels using 1/4″ seam, using a pin to mark centers
  • Carefully press pinwheel seams toward plaids
  • Trim all pinwheel blocks to 12″. Using center seam to align ruler squarely
  • Trim each pinwheel into 9 patch, 4″ squares, using center seam to align ruler squarely
  • Create block sets by Finding sets of 4 matching HST, pair with 4 matching HRS, add pinwheel to each “block set”
  • Play with all options before sewing.
  • Sew 9 patches together as desired.

Nota Bene: use starch or Mary Ellen’s Best Press!!!


Check out the video to see how the Missouri Star Quilt Company makes the block. Use starch!

Disappearing Pinwheel Posts in which you may be interested

Sandy’s Blog – January 13, 2014: initial post explaining the concept and linking to the video that shows you how to make the block.

KnittyAJ’s  post on the Disappearing Pinwheel




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