Creative Prompt #245: Marry

Sappy, I know, but I just felt like giving you a word that would fit in with Valentine’s day.

Marry Me online graphic novel by Bobby Crosby

Someone Marry Barry (2014 movie)

Too young to marry

Marry Me’ by Train.

Marry well

Right age to marry?

need a blood test to marry

Marry the Night by Lady Gaga

Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (1955 movie)

Ready, Aim, Marry Me – Arrested Development

Marry Harry  the musical

Marry You by Bruno Mars

verb: marry; 3rd person present: marries; past tense: married; past participle: married; gerund or present participle: marrying
  1. 1.
    join in marriage.
    “I was married in church”
    synonyms: get/be married, wed, be wed, become man and wife; More

    informaltie the knot, walk down the aisle, take the plunge, get spliced, get hitched, say “I do”;
    datedplight/pledge one’s troth
    “the couple married last year”
  2. 2.
    cause to meet or fit together; combine.
    “the two halves are trimmed and married up

freedom to marry

join two things or people together

Will you marry me?

Yes, oh yes, I will marry you

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