See – Details

See (detail #1)
See (detail #1)

As I mentioned the other day, I did all of the satin stitching over the preceding few days and was on to the quilting.

If you make the photo (left) a little bigger you can see the quilting around the eye and in the orange character.

I used 50 weight Aurifil, mostly because I have a lot of colors, but also because I didn’t want it to be shiny. You may be able to see the diachromatic thread peeking through the orange. I don’t mind that little bit of shine. In a show, the light will reflect off of those small bits and, with any luck, make the piece shimmer or glitter a little.

See (detail #2)
See (detail #2)

I am thinking of using free motion quilting on the black part. I want to practice and test the machine before I do, though.

I have the BAMQG personal challenge to do and that will be a good free motion quilting test.

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