See – Faster Than I Thought

See (Out of the Closet)
See (Out of the Closet)

I dragged See out of the Fabric Closet on Thursday with the intention of starting to finish the satin stitching. The photo to the left is what I remember the piece looked like, but when I looked at it the blue curved line and one circle were missing. Even though I remembered that there were other pieces, I couldn’t find them and decided to soldier on.

I fused everything that wasn’t fused and started satin stitching. The orange character had diachromatic thread stitched around it, but it didn’t differentiate the orange against the pink background well enough. In addition to stitching around the two remaining circles, I stitched over the the diachromatic thread in orange and all around the other parts in matching thread.

See - Stitched
See – Stitched

I ended up with a piece that was ok. That was when I found a photo that reminded me of the blue curved line. I took a whole pile of orphan blocks, Sampler blocks, hand printed fabric, etc from my “must stay flat pile” out of the closet and started rummaging through all the bits and bobs until I found the blue line.

I fused it on to the piece, but since I had already started quilting the orange, I had to unpick a bit so I could satin stitch around the blue line.

Shortly thereafter, I passed by a mirror and saw the third circle stuck to my bathrobe.


Very strange, but I fused that on and well, satin stitched around the last circle and got busy quilting. As of now, the orange character and some of the eye are quilted. I feel like I zoomed through what I have done so far even though it was a stopping and starting kind of ride.

See ( April 13, 2014)
See ( April 13, 2014)

Right now the hold up is the label. I don’t know whether to do a regular label like all my other quilts have or to just put a small label with my name on it. I am well into quilting so I need to decide soon.

This is a project that has been languishing for a long time. I am glad to finally be making some progress on it.

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7 thoughts on “See – Faster Than I Thought”

  1. Literally laughing out loud at the circle on your bathrobe. That is soooo something that would happen to me!

    Glad you found it and have made such great progress. (C’mon! You can make a label!)

    1. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the circle on my bathrobe! I really cannot imagine how it got there. I will make a label; I just don’t know if it should be small or a regular one with the whole story. I need to get busy as I am quilting away and want to get it on before I finish that stage.

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