Thinking about a New Theme

New Blog Theme Test
New Blog Theme Test

I have been thinking of freshening up the blog looks. I like the colors and the bright white, but too long wearing the same dress seems boring. I tried out the WordPress ‘Sketchpad’ theme.

What do you think? A bit too beige? What about the posts only have a paragraph or two?

Author: Jaye

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8 thoughts on “Thinking about a New Theme”

  1. The colors are soft on the eyes. Sometimes starkness causes eye strain. And it is probably because I have ‘old’ eyes, but a little more contrast would be nice. I hate gray text on white, for example.
    I think it is fun to try to change things around on a blog. It is refreshing for the blogger as well as the blogee. 😀

  2. Well, my first my first reaction is !!!!!! CHANGE!!!!! ?????? gulp! Oh NO!

    Then, Hmmm… this might be ok…

    I agree that I’d prefer more contrast (old eyes).

    Your blog, your rules.


  3. No no no no no! I’m not against change, but that beige is lifesucking without something else to complement it. 🙁 It makes me think of your old carpet….

    1. That is what I was thinking, too. I would have to install it to see if I could change the colors and I don’t want to spend the time. I will keep looking.

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