Tale of Two Cities – More Blocks

I haven’t made a lot of additional progress since my last City Sampler/Tale of Two Cities update, but I have made a little. Frankly, I haven’t been at the machine much, so little progress has been made on anything.

City Sampler no.21
City Sampler no.21

I was able to sneak in some of the background fabric on this block (No.21), because that one square is surrounded completely by other fabric. I am interested to know how those bits of background will look once I have all the blocks done.

As I look at it, I remember Sue’s (from CQFA) Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat baby quilts. Blown up this might make an interesting baby quilt. Not that I made baby quilts.

City Sampler No.22
City Sampler No.22

I also made it to No.22, after a couple of tries. AND, Patti and Nicki will be pleased to know that I used strip piecing! I didn’t really get it that the strips needed to be different sizes for different parts of the block. Sometimes I wonder about my brain.

I really hate to admit it, but I think I have too many projects going on that are in a similar stage.

Lots of piecing, no shortage of leaders and enders means that only a little is getting done on any of them.


More blocks was a bit ambitious of a title, but hope springs eternal.


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PS Go buy the book. If nothing else it is a good block dictionary.

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6 thoughts on “Tale of Two Cities – More Blocks”

  1. Any forward motion is progress. 🙂
    I’m planning to make some Tula blocks this afternoon.
    I can relate to having multiple projects all at the same stage. It is as if they all came to a screeching halt and are causing a pile up/traffic jam of epic proportions. In my case, I’ve spent more time learning to knit cables this month than I have at my sewing machine.

    1. “It is as if they all came to a screeching halt and are causing a pile up/traffic jam of epic proportions.”

      I love this! This is exactly how I feel. I need to get a grip!

    1. Yes, I know what you mean. This problem usually doesn’t bother me, because I have main quilt on which I am working. At the moment I am ignoring my ‘main’ quilt and that is causing the problem. Ergh!

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