Henry 2

As you saw on a recent Design Wall Monday post, I have been working on another piece of mosaic piecing.

Finally, over last weekend, there was enough yardage to really make progress on another softie. I have had another owl on my mind and decided it was time to cut out the parts. I finished almost all of the cutting except the eyes and the beak.

Henry 2 in process
Henry 2 in process

This past weekend, I cut out the eyes and the beak. They required some fusible and interfacing, so I worked on that in between my other projects. I thought I might get him done, but I worked more on the Russian Rubix and made some serious progress there. There is plenty to do on Henry.

I also need to get more of the plastic beads I use to weigh down pincushions. This will all shake out this weekend or soon

The project is coming together pretty well. I am worried about not having enough schnibbles with which to fill him, but I am also trying to be Zen about the whole thing and let it happen as I need the pieces and parts. I am such a control freak that it is hard.

As with Henry 1, Henry 2 is for a friend who is going through a tough time.

I really liked making this owl and have plans for more. It is a good gift that makes people smile. Sadly, I am now officially out of scraps of brown fabric. I may have to dive into my brown yardage if I want to make more of these.

More soon.


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