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After almost 3 solid days of sewing (interpersed with laundry and a trip to Home Depot for a new shower head with DH) over the weekend, I am feeling more like my sewing self. I am not sure much changed except my attitude, but I am feeling more cheerful and happy with the projects on which I am working. No, I haven’t pulled out any old projects on my UFO list nor did I finish that &^%$# Christmas table runner, but there is always next year.

I made a few gifts in between picking out fabrics for the new Stepping Stones blocks. I’ll post about the gifts after I hand them over to their recipient.

Happy Stepping Stones Mess
Happy Stepping Stones Mess

Now I have a happy mess in my workroom. I am so pleased to be working with the reds and turquoises. I may have to clean some of it up before Tuesday for a party, but we will see.

I am not sure why I feel better all of a sudden. Of course it could be that Christmas is over and I have less to do, though work will be starting up again on January 5. It could be that I listened to a couple of Barbara O’Neal/Barbara Samuels books and her books always make me happy. Perhaps I was just a bit kind to myself after tons of work getting ready for the holidays.

The weird part is that I really tried to prepare throughout the year for Christmas so that I wouldn’t be running around like a crazy person right before. It worked somewhat, but I think I need to keep a list of gifts purchased on my phone rather than just on my computer. Or follow Jenny in her “run up to the holiday project.”

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10 thoughts on “Sewing Mojo”

  1. Glad you are feeling more like your sewing self, Jaye! The holidays were so rushed this year. I tried hard to stay ahead of the game but it was still tough. Enjoy your new found enthusiasm!

    1. Thanks! The holidays are rushed and I, also, tried to be more prepared in advance. I think it worked, but need to step up my game in 2015 anyway. I am trying to keep the sewing mojo up. I am excited about the Stepping Stones project, which is good. I didn’t have much time to sew yesterday, but will try and sneak in a few seams today.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. maybe the turquoise and red fabrics make you happy! They are certainly cheery! Glad your holidays were a success and you still have some free time before returning to work.

  3. I tried to stay ahead of the holiday rush, and in some ways I was successful. But it seems like you can never get entirely ahead and stay ahead … I always end up feeling rushed and out of breath.

    Glad you’re back in your sewing groove!

    1. I did some prep early this year, especially gift buying and that helped. I hope to make more gifts for Christmas 2015. Glad it is all over. On the fence about going back to work.

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