Back on the Doing Good Saddle

Well, 2015 has barely started and I can already say that I had a hand in making a donation top.

Ooops! I have forgotten what the politically correct term is for donation quilt. I guess I didn’t listen to Pam’s podcast episode well enough.


BAMQG Sew Day was yesterday. I planned to go and had all of my cutting projects planned out to take when I thought of emailing Gerre to see if she would be there. Gerre and I made the Green T quilt together in the Great Charity Race last fall. We make a good team and Gerre makes me happy to be around.

Shockingly, she said no! It turns out that she was injured before Christmas had had been stuck at home since then and she didn’t feel like it. I cajoled and encouraged and bribed her with the prospect of working on another charity project with me. My thought was that she wouldn’t have to think about a project. She could just show up with her sewing machine.

It worked! Gerre decided to come and my job was to get fabric for another ‘T’ quilt together. We agreed that something cheerful was in order. I pulled out some pinks. I also pulled some beiges for the background that I wanted to use up anyway.

I arrived a little later than I intended (those PJs were nice and comfy). I started pressing and Gerre started cutting. The T quilts we made during the Great Charity Race were cut out. We found out how daunting the cutting can be. Once we passed that hurdle, I sewed the first seam and then pressed and Gerre sewed the rest as I pressed and handed her pieces.

Pink T Donation Quilt
Pink T Donation Quilt

The result is a cheerful quilt that we hope some lovely girl will enjoy. I don’t even think the beiges are very terrible.

Gerre has the piece, which is about 55″x45″. I will make the back and send it to her, she will quilt it, then I will bind it.

Gerre left much more cheerful and I got in over 5K steps running around, so it was a good day on many different levels.

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11 thoughts on “Back on the Doing Good Saddle”

    1. I was jealous that you were working on the City Sampler with Michelle even though I was having fun with Gerre. I need to get back to it. I guess the fun potential was just overwhelming! LOL!

  1. I got to enjoy a nice chat with Gerre, so thanks for getting here there. Guess I’ll take out my “City Sampler” blocks and see how many I’ve really completed. It was a fun day.

  2. I’m super glad that both you and Gerre made it, you are both so much fun to be around! And I’m super impressed that you finished that T top! I was a bit overwhelmed just watching you guys cut all the fabric. It’s gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! I am so glad you came! The event was very cheerful.

      I have to admit that I am surprised we finished it as well. The cutting was truly daunting. Once the cutting was done, the sewing was easy. I made the back yesterday and found a piece of batting I may be able to ‘frankenstein’ to make work.

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