Design Wall Monday

Design Wall 3-22-2015
Design Wall 3-22-2015

I haven’t done a post like this in a long time. A long time is about a month and a half. i wonder if it looks much different from my last post? You tell me.

  1. Hot four patches. I want to make some kind of four patch quilt out of hot colors. This is a long term project that I am thinking about. It just came to the fore recently.
  2. Love Notes quilt: this is a Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern. Someone told me it was boring, but I decided to make it anyway. I object to the bias edges, but there is something about it that I like. Perhaps the envelopes making people think of writing. I am not going to call it Love Notes. Look for a more comprehensive post later.
  3. Red & turquoise four patches.
  4. FOTY 2014 Patches: I have decided that this is the last batch of the FOTY 2014 patches.
  5. Sampler quilt basket block in progress. I haven’t done more about the tutorial, but, see Frances, it is in process.
  6. Red & turquoise four patches in progress.
  7. Flying Geese project: TFQ and I are exchanging Flying Geese and these are the ones I have made and received so far.
  8. Folded paper star: I made this with a friend and really wish I could remember how to make it. If you know, let me know. Each leg is made from a square piece of paper.
  9. My birthday card from the Crafty Garden Mom.
  10. Four Stepping Stones blocks. I have a stack of fabric and various parts of blocks, but I haven’t made any new ones yet. No room on the design wall for another project.

I am linking up with Judy Laquidera at the Patchwork Times.

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  1. Ha! It’s always the year of red and turquoise with you! I am not complaining, you understand, since I’ve acquired quite the stash of those little four patch units because of it!

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