What Goes Up Must Come Down

Sadly when quilt shows are put up they cannot stay up forever.

I happened to still be at the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association quilt show when it closed on the 15th. I stayed around and helped to wrangle the BAMQG quilts that were coming down. I thought we would be able to help with other quilts, but we kind of had to guard the BAMQG quilts. Helpful people kept coming by and trying to take away our quilts and put them with the other quilts to be picked up.

Taking Down the Show
Taking Down the Show

While we were on guard duty, we took down the opportunity quilt, put the stand in its fancy bag, rolled up the BAMQG banner and put away the display quilts.

BAMQG Opportunity Quilt
BAMQG Opportunity Quilt

The opportunity quilt* is beautiful and very unusual. Ruth designed it and Marci quilted it. The photo is just a cell phone photo and doesn’t really do it justice. As mentioned, many of us made blocks and a bunch of us bound it. It was truly a group effort.

I was pleased to be able to help out at the show. I don’t think I had taken down a quilt show before.
















*tickets have to be bought at a show. Email me if you want to discuss getting one.

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  1. I always liked the quilt shows in Santa Clara. hmmmm, well, other than one small guild quilt show in Morgan Hill, the only quilt shows I have ever been to have been the ones in Santa Clara! lol
    What fun and a unique perspective too!

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