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Enchanted Plume Panel by Timeless Treasures
Enchanted Plume Panel by Timeless Treasures

 I had pretty much decided to skip the One Block Wonder this time. I really like how Pam’s piece came out, but wasn’t sure I could replicate her success with work as interesting or cheerful. I have seen others that are not as nice.

When I saw the fabric on sale I looked at it and really made a conscious decision not to make a One Block Wonder project. I thought really hard about the logistics, time and money required to make the project and decided no, not now. I didn’t like the fabric enough to commit. I took the book back to the library and that was that.

Yay! Done deal. Moving on.

Then, yesterday morning, I went on Instagram and saw a new Peacock range by Timeless Treasures (damn you, social media!).

 The colors in the panel are much richer and bolder. The design of the panel is more complex and way more interesting. The motifs are much more stylized and lush. Oh, and, Timeless Treasures, thanks for including those awesome solids that match the panel. Just what I needed. More temptation!

This is another good reason NOT to keep your tablet by your bed.

So, now this idea is back in the thinking pile. Here are some questions for you to answer:

  1. What do you think of the panel?
  2. If you saw it in the store, would you think of me? (since, of course, I am always first on your mind. 😉   )
  3. Do you think a finished pieced piece would be too dark?

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14 thoughts on “More Peacocks”

  1. The panel is lush and lovely.
    Of course I think of you!
    Look on Twitter, I downloaded the fabric pic and turned it B&W, the fabric not as dark as you might imagine.

    1. This is really helpful! I didn’t think to do it, which is one reason I asked for opinions. You are right! I do like this fabric much better than the other peacock fabric I considered.

  2. The colors are the best thing about the panel! They’re deep and saturated, as far as I can tell.

    As often as I think of you, this panel doesn’t scream “Jaye!” to me, but…having discussed peacock fabric with you before, I would be inclined to think of you while viewing it. 😉

    Since it would be quite cut up, I think the black will merely be little “pops” that enhance the other colors.

    Those solids are fantastic.

    1. I don’t know why I have peacocks on the mind. They are kind of nasty birds, but so beautiful.

      I think you are right about the little pops of black and I am glad you brought that up. The black is really a small portion of the over all piece and cut up, I think it won’t dominate.

      I appreciate you chiming in!

  3. I’m not a panel fan in general but this isn’t bad, although totally similar when I saw it in black and white on Twitter from Carole. No I wouldn’t think of you because it’s too dark and that answers 3 for you!

    1. Thanks for chiming in. I am not a panel fan, in general, either, but since this will be cut up, I am looking more at the colors than the overall motif.

  4. This panel is gorgeous! Obviously you could use the lighter fabrics in more places to make the quilt less dark if the panel feels too dark to you.
    I might not have thought of you because there’s no pink 😉 but I would not be surprised by you liking it and using it because you and I frequently like the same things.

    1. I was thinking about throwing some of the solids in, though it would be ridiculous to make OBW blocks from solids, it might work in the overall scheme of the piece. I do like those solids.

  5. Jaye, have you done a OBW with a metallic fabric before? Sometimes the gold unexpectedly takes over the piece. I did one (well, it’s half done) that I *hate*, because the gold overpowers the brights (it’s a Laurel Burch print); but I generally don’t like metallic fabrics. So, just something to keep in mind, FWIW. 🙂 And yes, the colors in this print make me swoon, too!

    1. I wasn’t aware that this has a metallic in it. Did you see the panels at Market? I don’t like metallics much either, but perhaps it will wash off when I wash it? I didn’t think about the gold overpowering other parts of the fabric.

  6. I think it’s pretty. I love the companion solids. I don’t think, “It’s Jaye”! (no pink or red).
    Not a fan of one block wonder, so ….. my 2 cents.

    1. True about the pink, but it does have a lot of turquoise and I do love turquoise! It is very different for me, but perhaps that is a good thing?

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