Black & Red Improv Quilt

I was kind of shocked to realize that the last time I devoted a post to this project was back in September. I did mention it last week and meant to write a full post. I was out of town for most of the week for work and it never happened.

Red & Black Improv Top
Red & Black Improv Top

On Saturday, I got back to the machine. I worked on this top, in between other projects. For the Improv top, I seem to be able to make progress on this project, but only while working simultaneously with other projects. For some reason this project does not inspire me to buckle down and work on it by itself.

I tried Improv again and it still doesn’t inspire me. I guess I like the technical precision of regular blocks. Does that make me boring? Perhaps.

Three blocks was the sum total of what I needed to finish to put this top together. The end was in sight! (Let’s not talk about back or binding at the moment). I finished one block completely on Saturday and made major progress on two more.

Sunday, I finished the blocks and then put all the blocks together into the top.

I started on the back, for which I am making different color choices just to give it a different feel. I am choosing some blues so that the back will have a different feel.

Almost there.

Author: Jaye

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5 thoughts on “Black & Red Improv Quilt”

  1. I must admit that I have not been a fan of this work. BUT now that it’s together, I really like the effect! I’d call it Metropolitan because it reminds me of a city of skyscrapers.


  2. The City of Townsville! You could quilt it with spaceships, for an alien red sky city? Luv it!
    When you say blue on back, do you mean reversible quilt with b/w improve on both sides?
    I just think you are very brave to try such an unstructured technique. My OCD heart says “Wheeee!!!” for you:-)

    1. It was a class. I am not enamored with Improv, but this quilt is turning out in a pleasing manner. The back will be a pieced back, but I am rethinking the blue. Stay tuned!

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