Carpenter’s Wheel #4

Carpenter's Wheel #4
Carpenter’s Wheel #4

The 4th Carpenter’s Wheel block sat on my wall for over week. I didn’t really have a lot of time in the past little while to sew, which is hard. I made an effort one evening to get the block done. I had pecked away it, so I didn’t have to sew all the pieces, but there were about 40 pieces to sew, so it was a bit of work.

I tried to add in some different fabrics from the others. I want this piece, whatever it turns out to be, very scrappy.

This block is 16.5″ and has, if I counted right, 77 pieces.

4 Carpenter's Wheel Blocks
4 Carpenter’s Wheel Blocks

Making the 4th one means that I have reached my original goal. the problem is that I also thought of another variation. Sigh. We’ll see what happens.

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