En Provence Oops

As if I didn’t have enough piecing to do on En Provence, I had to spend some time un-piecing and re-piecing. It happens, I know, but I was pretty annoyed with myself when I realized my error.

En Provence Oops
En Provence Oops

The alternate blocks that are on the interior of the quilt have a half square triangle at each corner to keep the chain that zigzags across the quilt whole.

Does that block look like it has four HSTs? One at each corner?


The question, then, became could I live with the error or did I need to unpick?

One consideration was that I had already sewed that block into the quilt. If I could live with it, I could save a lot time. However, the block was only sewn on two sides, so I wouldn’t have to rip apart much of the quilt.

En Provence Broken Chain :(
En Provence Broken Chain 🙁

However, I noticed it because the chain was broken, so clearly the error was noticeable.

Also, I would be short of four patches.

Fixed En Provence Oops
Fixed En Provence Oops

I decided I couldn’t live with it and fixed it. I am happier now.

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6 thoughts on “En Provence Oops”

  1. I agree with you Jaye, it would’ve bothered me too. When you know there is a mistake you don’t see the whole quilt, but your eyes always find that one spot. I’m glad it makes you feel better now that is fixed.

    1. Hopefully, this is an example of my evolution. I am glad I fixed the spot. I don’t see it at all now and that is great. I had another, smaller Oops and fixed that as well before it got out of hand.

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