Spiky 16 Patch, quilt 3, block 2

Spiky 16 Patch block 2, quilt 3
Spiky 16 Patch block 2, quilt 3

I have been working a little at a time on these blocks. Thanksgiving took up a lot of time last week and I didn’t get much time to sew until Friday.

As mentioned the other day, I had to make some right facing HRTs. I made a few so I could finish this block.

I want these blocks to, at least, have the appearance of being scrappy, so I can’t make many of the individual units without getting too much duplication. I am pleased with this one.


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2 thoughts on “Spiky 16 Patch, quilt 3, block 2”

  1. Is this your own design? I saw the yellow one and it looks amazing. I haven’t seen your blue ones all together yet though. I am sure they will be amazing too. 🙂

    1. I guess it is my own design. I can’t believe nobody has come up with it before, but I have done two of them. This is the third. The gold one by Mrs. K was inspired by my blue ones. The first quilt top with this block is at https://www.artquiltmaker.com/blog/2018/04/finished-hrt-donation-top-back/ and the second quilt top is at: https://www.artquiltmaker.com/blog/2018/06/spiky-16-patch-n-2/ . I am not sure how I will lay this one out. I might lay it out on point again, but I am trying to think of something different. I put together a list of tutorials and information about making the rectangles. It can be found at: https://www.artquiltmaker.com/blog/aq-projects-tutorials/aq-tutorials/half-rectangle-triangle-resources/ . Let me know if you have questions. The Split Recs ruler (link in one of the posts under resources) is the method I use and it works really well. I’d like to try some different sizes.

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