Quilt Babies

Lynette recently flew to Zurich and then traveled to France and some other places. She was kind enough to take two quilts with her for the children of friends.

Anja with her BAMQG Color Round Robin
Anja with her BAMQG Color Round Robin

You might remember the BAMQG Color Round Robin? i started the piece in May of 2013.Kathleen and Rhonda both worked on, but I don’t know if anyone else worked on it.

This was one of the quilts I sent off to Austria. Anja is now the proud owner of this small piece. She is about 3.



Lukas' Sealife
Lukas’ Sealife

Her brother, Lukas, received the Sealife quilt. I worked a lot on this one at the 2018 BAM Retreat.

It took awhile for me to get these quilts to Europe and it turned out to be the perfect time. Lukas and Anja also got a new baby sister a few weeks before, so these quilts ended up being their Baby Gifts.

Baby Laura
Baby Laura

Their new sister is called Laura (pronounced LOW -rah -with the OW being pronounced like an owie not like oh). Lukas is now outnumbered.

The way I send quilts to friends in Europe is I beg a traveling friend to stick a quilt (or 2) in their luggage and then visit a post office once they get to the EU. I put the quilts in one of those vacuum seal bags and suck as much air out of the bag as humanly possible. By doing this, I can usually save $70 on postage. I am pretty sure the post office wouldn’t like this if they knew, but I am not telling. 😉 I have another large quilt to send and I don’t know yet who will be the lucky courier.

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  1. Awww:) Love that Round Robin, it makes an amazing baby quilt!
    I think it’s important for babies to have quilts. Growing up seeing quilts makes you better at math and art, I say.

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