Various & Sundry 2020 #5

I deleted my Cafe Press store. I really appreciate all of you who bought things over the years, but after the second security breach and so few sales, I decided to let it go. I might open up another store in another app, but for now, I am going to use my time for other things.


I had to include a New York Times blurb about polka dots, which you know I love. N.B.:  If you don’t have a subscription to the NYT, check your local public library or your library at work.

If you need something to calm your spirit, check out Johanna Basford’s site. she has some free coloring page downloads to keep up all of our spirits. Print them out on good paper.

Brief history of Kansas quiltmakers.

Other Artists

I love to hear other people’s stories, especially positive ones. Belinda Dill went on vacation with her sewing machine and ended up in quarantine where she cheerfully worked on a quilt!

Valerie has a lot of quilts available in her Etsy shop if you don’t feel like making one.

Tools, Fabric, Supplies and Notions

Pink Door has some great bag hardware.

Stitch, the cool modern quilt store in Ferndale, is there for you in your time of quiltmaking need. They have a Build a Box program. It works like this (from the email I received) “We will be in the shop on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm. 

  • Call us on (707) 786-5007 to place your order.
  • Call us with your shopping list, we will fill a box with your purchases.
  • Everything is 20% off, excluding BOM.
  • You can add to your box all week!
  • You can also contact us through Social Media –  Facebook or Instagram
  • We will mail your box directly to your home”

Projects, Patterns & Tutorials

Doctors and hospitals are looking for people to make masks. Our guild president created a visual tutorial.

You’ll be behind, but you can always catch up. Edyta Sitar is hosting a Quarantine Mystery Quilt Quilt-a-Long. The blocks aren’t difficult, so you should be able to catch up in a few days. Gretchen is working on it and her blocks look really good.

Charlotte has a tutorial up for dyeing hanks of Perle cotton. I didn’t know you could buy a big spool of white! Of course, I never thought about it either.

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