Vintage Tuesday #2 Redux

Grandma Betty's Quilt - full
Grandma Betty’s Quilt – full

A long time ago I wrote about ‘Grandma Betty’s’ quilt. I finally asked my Mom about it. She said that Grandma Betty was our Great Grandpa George’s girlfriend. It was her car they drove from Chicago to Los Angeles. Apparently, she made this quilt for my Grama. Mom said that my sister has it now. It makes me really happy to know more about this quilt. I’ll try to find out more about Grandma Betty. I think she was long gone by the time my mom came on the scene.

Author: JayeL

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    1. Yes. I am sure I will never know the whole story. My family were not great journal keepers. My great grandfather had at least 4 wives. I think he may have had 6, actually. The one I remember was kind of a witch, but got him under control. I am named (middle name) after the one that everyone loved who died young.

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