Decovil Use

Percheron bottom showing Decovil
Percheron bottom showing Decovil

I mentioned the other day that I used Decovil** for the first time. I used it on the Percheron Pouch in process.

Decovil is described very well in a video by Sara Lawson. It is flexible, but also strong. This is the first project in which I have used it.

I like the way it makes the bag feel. It is also thick, which means that keeping it out of the seam allowances is important to me. In the photo above, you can see the beige layer on the top. You can see how it is much smaller than the the other layers. That is the Decovil. It is probably a little smaller than it needed to be, but it will work.

Sometimes I print out 2-3 templates and cut one for interfacing, which is smaller then the others. Most of the time I guess.


      • Decovil Light = 525
      • Decovil Heavy =526

I’d love to hear your experiences with Decovil.









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