Remember the Carpenter’s Wheel?

Carpenter's Wheel Finished
Carpenter’s Wheel Finished

Remember when I went on and on about this quilt? I still love it and am still proud of the design.

Recently, I saw that Barbara Brackman wrote a post about the Carpenter’s Wheel block.

She was asked to write it by the Accuquilt Go** people to celebrate their new Carpenter’s Wheel die. She references a video about the pattern in her post.

Barbara shows a lot of different quilts, tells you how and where to find the patterns in Electric Quilt and Blockbase and discusses the pattern in general. It is a really interesting post.

I am not sure I would have used  this die for my quilt. I didn’t know what I was doing in terms of fabric or layout when I started. Still, I do think the die is a good idea if you want to make even one of these quilts. The pattern takes a lot of cutting.


My Carpenter’s Wheel quilt is for sale, so let me know if you want to buy it.







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