Half Hexie Fills in the Gap

Half Hexie to date
Half Hexie to date

Because of the light La Pass month, I have been working quite a bit on the Half Hexie Star. It is not as fun as La Pass, but I do want to get it done. I have put so much work into the piece that abandoning it is not an option.

I looked at the piece on the living room floor and it might almost be wide enough as well as long enough. Both ends need some filling in.  Two columns on the right (photo top left) need to be finished.

Half Hexie column in process
Half Hexie column in process

I am pretty sure it is long enough, but it is definitely not wide enough. First, I assembled as many stars as I could, then I started adding stars to the larger piece. Most of those were foreground stars.

The column on the left (photo right) consists of the stars I have added. The background column to the right of the new stars is pretty complete, so I can add a number of stars and keep my hands busy in the evening.

Half Hexie fill ins required
Half Hexie fill ins required

Soon, I found that I didn’t have any of the white with dots I am using as background stars, so I had to cut more of those. I didn’t have enough paper, which meant I had to remove some of the papers from the larger piece. I like the structure leaving the paper in gives, but needs must. I also ordered some more papers from Paper Pieces.

I started assembling more of the background stars over the weekend. I’ll figure out where to insert them as soon as I get several. I’ll need to cut more fabric and assemble more of the background stars.

La Pass month 10 will be here soon, so I’ll put this back on the back burner except for cutting background fabric.

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