More Month 13 Hearts & Cones

La Pass Month 12 Rosette
La Pass Month 12 Rosette

Progress on Month 13 continues. Aside from continually having to go back and cut more pieces, this month seems easy.

I think using the Hearts & Cones method makes the process seem easier.

I keep having to go back and cut more pieces because of the shift in the BOM shipping schedule for Month 13. Because this month included Parisville, Pink Door could not ship as normal. My practice is to wash all the fabric, then cut and baste at Sew Day (first Saturday of the month). I couldn’t do that this time, so I cut and basted some pieces so I could be ready to sew in the evening while hanging out with DH, then I would go back and cut more for the next night. I got off track and, apparently forgot to cut the rest of the star points.

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