Pointillist Palette #4 Returns

Sew Day started off as a bit of debacle for me. Sew Day itself, once I got there, was fine. Getting there was a problem. I planned to cut and baste the pieces for La Passacaglia Month 15, like I have in the past. Unfortunately, the package didn’t arrive, so I was project-less.

I thought “no problem, I have plenty of projects on which to work.” I grabbed a project box that had some projects in it and found that the pattern hadn’t been printed, the templates were somewhere else and the fabric for the different bags wasn’t included. Same with a few other projects. Pointillist Palette #4 was the only project that had all the pieces, so I brought that. I had to lug my sewing machine as well. I prefer just to cut out projects, but I had very little time to prepare so Pointillist Palette #4 it was. I want to finish this project anyway, so it is skipping over Who Am I? for the moment.

Pointillist Palette #4 blocks - Oct 2022
Pointillist Palette #4 blocks – Oct 2022

Pointillist Palette #4 mostly requires sewing a lot of small squares into larger squares. When I pulled everything out of the project box, I had about 8 blocks already. TO DO: find out how many blocks I need. That information was not in the project box.

The good thing about this project is that it is straight piecing and that is a relief after a lot of applique’ and bag making.

Pointillist Palette #4 organization - Oct 2022
Pointillist Palette #4 organization – Oct 2022

I had time after I got home and did more piecing. All of these trays were from the days when I would eat Trader Joe’s burritos for lunch. They are useful for organizing colors.

After quite a bit of sewing, I have many more pieces waiting to be sewn into  blocks. I have in the back of my mind to finish this quilt in the next few days so I can bring it to Colleen with The Lobster and Orange You Glad.

It might seem like I am not enjoying my sewing and am just plowing through projects to get them done. That is true in a way. I want to get these old projects out of my hair and start some new ones which I will enjoy.


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4 thoughts on “Pointillist Palette #4 Returns”

  1. Ahha! Yet another idea for me to use up fabrics for our donation quilts. (squares) And as far as enjoying what you’re currently doing, I would say you ARE! You are so happy as you tick off each project. That in itself is enjoyable. 🙂

  2. This is a real blast from the past, it’s good to see another PP project, (but not Pantone related). I think plowing through your list and getting things done is a great way to make space in your workroom and your brain for newer projects. Just jettisoning the project for someone else to maybe finish wouldn’t work in the same way.

    1. I agree that I have a hard time just giving half done projects away. I really like crossing these old projects off my list. It is fun to see the PP fabrics. I need to look at the yardage and see how I can it in the present day.

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