New Hackney Hack

Yes, I am making another Hackney pouch. I like the shape of this pouch/bag. It is fun and a bit unusual. The process of assembly is also providing me with a challenge even after making several of them.

Yes, it is another gift. I might make one for myself. We’ll see.

This time I am working on perfecting a version that is most useful and that I like. As I might have mentioned, I don’t like the mesh pocket, because I don’t like the way it comes out. Mostly, I don’t like the zipper tabs and how thick they are. They are hard to sew and thus the seams look wobbly.

I tried a vinyl pocket, which was ok. I haven’t heard how useful it is, but will ask next time I see the recipient.

Hackney lining tool holder
Hackney lining tool holder

This time I used doublefold elastic to make a tool holder.

I cut the doublefold elastic the same width as the lining, then basted it to the top lining piece.

I marked the places where I wanted the recipient to be able to slide tools in. I used a half inch size for each pencil or pen or whatever. I put an inch between each set of marks. These had to be mirrored on the second strip of elastic. I also made the marks on the second set of elastic off from the first set so the tools (or pens or whatever) wouldn’t interfere with each other.

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