Who Am I? Top & Back Finished

Who Am I? top finished
Who Am I? top finished

As mentioned the other day, I did a marathon and was able to finish the top and back and binding of Who Am I?

I am not sure the bottom adds heaviness, but it does break up the ‘sweetness’ of the dots. I wanted a little sweetness and I also wanted some consistency. I want the focus to be on the words and not much on the background. That’s why I didn’t introduce another fabric to the mix.

In the photo above, you can see the whole design, even the ME that is part of the background.

One thing I have to think about is quilting the borders. I used some batting to stabilize the center of the quilt for applique’. It wasn’t a great choice, but Julie had some and was willing to share at the time. I need to talk to Colleen and see what she wants me to do. I could use batting tape to connect pieces of batting to the center. I could also have Colleen use a super thin batting, which would mean the center was double-batted. We’ll see what happens.

Who Am I? back
Who Am I? back

The back is simple and went together relatively easily, which was a relief.

My reward for finishing this is a straight piecing project, but I think I will work on some bags first.

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  1. I can really see the background ME better now with those borders, so to my eye it definitely works! I think taping the batting might work out well, but Colleen will have better advice on that as far as long-arming goes. I’m so happy that you got this all done! You’ll have to send Rosalie Dace a picture when it’s quilted.

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