New Enigma

New Enigma - cut out
New Enigma – cut out

Well, I couldn’t just make one. I cut out a second Enigma on Saturday. It’s a second one with fabrics I like even though I don’t know what I will do with either.

Part of the reason is that I kept looking at that pink snowflake/spiderweb fabric all week and knew it would be a perfect lining.

I also chose the Tula Pink Kabloom fabric, because I love those flowers. I forgot that Sara also used that fabric for one of her Enigma bags. I feel a bit like a copycat, but I didn’t choose it consciously because she did.

This time I am going to remember to put in a label. I hope to find the perfect spot.

Author: JayeL

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    1. Inside this time. Maybe I’ll think about outside in the future. I tend to use the labels for bags, but suppose I could use them for quilts as well.

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