Various & Sundry 2023 #6

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Emmaline Bags has Giardini Edge Paint. This product allows you to color the edge of your leather, cork or similar products in cases where the inside is a different color. You can find more information on the Giardini website. I haven’t tried this product myself.

Emmaline Bags has quite a few new fabrics as well, including some solid colored canvas. Good for the knitting needles bag I mentioned a few months ago.

I talked about taking out the EPP papers a week or so ago. Reader Glenna mentioned her friend’s invention, a water pen for removing EPP papers. I don’t know that this is exactly what I need for removing the La Pass papers, but it is interesting. I think it is more for foundation paper piecing.

Carolina Moore also has a template for cutting out the boxed corners of bags.

I happened to see this Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer** and thought how great it would be for tools. That is, if you don’t make your own bags. This one looks a little like the Oslo Bag.

I was pleased to see that Natalie from Sew Hungry Hippie now has purse chains. One that I purchased a few years ago broke while I was gone and I didn’t want to deal with finding where I bought the old one.

Julie reviewed a product called the Magic Carpet, a holder for your sewing machine foot pedal. It works in rooms with carpet. I have to keep looking, but it might work for you.

Jessica and Jamie from SewTite have a sneak peek of their new magnetic cutting system. See how it works in their video.


Vanessa of Crafty Gemini tells you how to change the size of bag patterns in a recent WIP Wednesday video.

If you haven’t looked at the Strawberry Quiltcake IG feed, do it. Yes, it is a Tula-fest, but SQ’s fussy cutting is so great, you will be inspired to make some of the projects that have been lurking in your pattern drawer. Her work looks impeccable as well. I always appreciate that.

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Bonnie Hunter has a new pattern called Right Way Round (and Wrong Way, too). The pattern is great and it looks like one I could sink my teeth into. I signed up for the giveaway, but didn’t win. I ended up buying the pattern.




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