Fish Hackney Done!

Fish Hackney - done - open
Fish Hackney – done – open

Hooray! The Fish Hackney is done. I am going to get a gift card and store it in my box of gifts. I can cross off one holiday gift requirement.

It looks pretty good. I am happy with it and hope my Dad will like it as well.

I think next time I will try a smaller vertical zipper for the mesh pocket. I think it might be useful and there is something about the zipper in the center of the pocket that bugs me a little bit. I’ll have to adjust the size of the zipper binding (called Mesh binding in the pattern) to accommodate a different sized zipper.

Fish Hackney - done - top
Fish Hackney – done – top

I was able to fix the label. I connected the bottom of the label to the mesh by sewing it carefully to bits of the mesh. I should have used yellow thread, but I didn’t.

I’ll have to think about where to put non-artquiltmaker labels in the future. Middle bottom of the top? It would mean they were upside down, but might be an option.

Fish Hackney - done - handle
Fish Hackney – done – handle

The handle looks good. I think I need to position them a little higher up in the future.

I know I will make at least one more of these bags, maybe two.

This one is done and I am super pleased.

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