Starting Disco Double Zip

I spent some time over last weekend cutting out a Disco Double Zip Pouch. This is another pattern from Sara Lawson’s Minikins. In this case, it is from Season 2. Yes, you have to buy the whole set. The individual patterns are not sold separately.

I haven’t made this pattern before and I am not sure what inspired me. I made the recipient a Hackney pouch already, so that pattern was out. This one came to my attention and here I am! It is always good to try out a new pattern, though I do tend to get comfortable making several of the same pattern over and over.

So far, I am still at the prep stage. All the pieces are cut and most of the lining has ShapeFlex applied. I am sewing the exterior pieces to the foam at the moment, then I can start preparing the zippers.

Augmenting the Frankenfoam
Augmenting the Frankenfoam

One problem I had was with the Frankenfoam (see the glossary). Once I cut the pieces required, I felt the larger, exterior pieces weren’t stiff enough. I added some DecorBond** to the exterior pieces to make it a bit stiffer. Stay tuned to see how that works out.

Another thing about the Minikins is that I have only made one project from Season 2. Season 2 includes the DayTrip Cell Phone Wallet and was the whol reason I bought that group of patterns. I do REALLY want to make that project; I just haven’t yet. I have to admit that I am kind of scared to do so. People talk about the horrors of turning the project. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t make it. I spent some time screenshotting various versions off IG to get inspired and might be ready to work on it. Perhaps I can cut it out and go from there.

The other idea I had from Season 2 is to enlarge the Sewing Stand. Sara has a tutorial for this. I keep looking at the image and thinking that it looks larger than the one I made. Then I realized I could enlarge the pattern. It wouldn’t impact cutting it out as most of the pattern pieces are squares and rectangles. I didn’t buy templates for it and I don’t even think they are available.

Obviously, Season 2 isn’t dead in the water. I just need to get inspired and I have a little bit.






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