Finally! Starting the Ultimate Project Bag

Ultimate Project Bag pieces
Ultimate Project Bag pieces

I spent some time at the November Sew Day cutting out this bag. I am kind of shocked at how little there is to cut out.

These are just the fabric pieces. I have interfaced some of them with SF101, but not all. I need to cut out the foam and do some quilting (sad face), but I am kind of excited to get this far…..finally after YEARS. This club was in 2018. Apparently cutting this out made me so excited that I want to push aside some of my other projects and get this done! I need to control myself, or do a little and then get back to making gifts.

The black and white fabric is intended to be the exterior. I bought it at Sew Creative in Ashland the first time I visited with Mary M. It is a cotton-linen blend and kind of thick. It isn’t quite canvas, but it is tending that way. I always intended to make bags from it. I just haven’t gotten around to it until now. I also have the same fabric in grey.

The interior fabric was used a thousand years ago on one of the first bags that I made. I think it is a reproduction of a 1940s print. It shreds like crazy, so I think it must be a Moda, but I love the design.

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