Creative Prompt #13: Trees

What do trees mean to you?

Are they sentinels of nature or something to provide shade? What is the creative inspiration that can be obtained from trees?

See the Creative Prompt page to learn more about this project.

Post the direct URL or deeplink where your drawing, doodle, artwork is posted in the comments area of this post. It will keep all the artwork together.

There is more information and inspiration on the Creative Prompt Page, which I update frequently.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

16 thoughts on “Creative Prompt #13: Trees”

  1. Hi Jaye! Here’s the quilt you asked me about,

    A Sense of Place: The Wall

    or, if the link breaks up, head to my website, click on the gallery (link on rightside of screen) called A Sense of Place.

    Those are my quilts about places I have lived. I knew when The Tree and The Wall just flew out of me in two weeks time from start to finish, that Maine had finally permeated my mind. I love them! Who said rocks can’t be purple and lime green and orange?

    1. Thanks, Sarah, for posting a link to your tree quilt. I also appreciate you telling people how to get there if the link breaks- very important in this day and age of long URLs! I think it fits in perfectly with our theme and we appreciate your participation.

  2. One of the things I want to do with the Creative Prompt is to include a poem or passage or quote. I haven’t quite gotten that together yet, but look for it. Frederick Brussat, author of Spiritual Literacy, posted the follow on Twitter:

    “RT @EFTCoachJane Sp.Practice: Feel self as a vibrantly strong & healthy tree, with a sturdy trunk, leaves reaching to the sun, & deep roots.”

    1. also, I noticed I have trees in many of my sketches. (I haven’t looked in this sketchbook in a while) I like trees, there’s something comforting about them, maybe because they are so old and they don’t really care about time. Trees put things into perspective.

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