Sketching #110: Beckon

Response #110
Response #110

Yes, I am back in the saddle, too. I am working on the last few prompts from before the break, but back in the saddle.

This one is different from my normal style of response. I got a bug in my ear to do it this way after looking at some Zentangles, so voila’! I responded in a Zentangly kind of style.

One very exciting element of this photo that I noticed when I was processing the picture was the quality of the pen line. Oooh la la! I really like the way the line looks. If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you will see the line. You will also be able to see the detail of my inexpert drawing, which will hopefully encourage you to just respond. The pen I used is one that I use regularly for writing. It is a Pilot G-2 07.

Author: Jaye

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