Stars for San Bruno #2 Off to Finishing

Stars for San Bruno #2
Stars for San Bruno #2

As I mentioned I took the Stars for San Bruno #2 quilt to my quilter last Friday. I am so pleased that I finished the top and that I am really moving along on this project. I probably won’t get it back until the beginning of September.

I was stupid about how I put this top together and ended up needing to sew a lot of partial seams. I decided to put on two borders (yellow and blue) on the top. I thought about putting two yellow borders, but couldn’t face the scrap piecing so I compromised by putting a slightly wider yellow border on.

I have a large piece of solid fabric left that I want to use for #3,  but other than that, I don’t have much dark blue fabric left. Tons of turquoise, but none of that deep blue. I am trying not to buy any more for #3.

I am not that fond of working with really dark colors anymore, but have been trying hard not to infuse the quilt with resentful or bad feelings since I want these quilts to be a comfort to their new owners. It is working very well and I don’t even have to try that hard. I do know that I need to take a short break and do some other projects before starting on #3.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed blocks.

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