Pink Donation Top

Pink Donation Top
Pink Donation Top


Yes, here is the pink donation top. It will go off to Jennifer and Deborah the Charity Queens of Awesomeness at the next BAMQG meeting.

As you might remember (since I know you memorize all of my posts), there was some lively discussion about the white sashing I used last time on the Blue Donation Top and how the quilt would look with sashing the same color as the foreground patches. Now you know. This top is very pink. DH even commented that it wasn’t usual for me. I like it and definitely put it in the cheerful category.

I made the back, too, but it is nothing to write home about, so no photo for you.

This was made entirely using leaders and enders method while I was piecing other things such as the latest Swoon block, the Corner Store and some other random blocks that you will hear about soon. See what you can accomplish?

Now I am working on a yellow version from the Art Gallery Scraps, plus a few other yellow scraps I scrounged up.

For those of you counting, this makes two finished tops this week. Yes, TWO!!!

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6 thoughts on “Pink Donation Top”

    1. Thanks! I like it, too. I think I might be in a pink phase. I have bunches of squares so there will be at least 2 more pink tops for the Charity girls.

    1. Thanks! I have been working on this one simultaneously with the Corner Store, so they finished at once. No more finishes this week unless I pull an all nighter. I might have one more finish in me before the meeting, but we will see.

  1. W-O-W!! Two tops in one week! I’m thrilled if I finish that many in a YEAR, hahaha!

    Great job and I love the sashing! Some little girl is going to be thrilled to receive this beauty.

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