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Be Brave by Kim Hyer
Be Brave by Kim Hyer

I stopped by my sister’s house last week on my way to visit my grandmother. I don’t get to see my sister that often and she is getting ready to move, so I wanted to stop by and see her studio. My sister and I are having an argument, but I decided to celebrate her creativity anyway.

The last time I saw my sister’s house, she was living in a place that I don’t remember having a lot of wall space and I don’t think I saw her studio, or perhaps it wasn’t set up? I don’t remember.  Last week, she was coming home from work and we were going to meet her at her house for a quick pow-wow before we went down to Grama’s. My mom and I got there before my sister. The dogs had had a little party, so we cleaned up for her and, in the process, I couldn’t help looking around.

I was so blown away.  My sister is unbelievably talented. She paints (By the way, you can get some of her stuff at her Cafe Press A Paper Addict store. Her paintings are really great, but her creativity doesn’t stop there.

Variety of works by Kim Hyer
Variety of works by Kim Hyer

Her creativity extends to decorating as well. Her whole space has the feeling of light and air. Some of the pieces that were in our childhood home are now in her house. They don’t look heavy and large in her house. They fit in really well.

This is the wall in her bedroom and I just loved the variety of canvases paired with the large sized letters.

The best part was that she turned the Master bedroom and bath into her studio. What a genius!

Kim Hyer Studio Space
Kim Hyer Studio Space

She really did a good job thinking outside of the box. The room was large and she put tables all around the room with her supplies on them.


Kim Hyer Studio Space
Kim Hyer Studio Space

She also put decorations and things to inpire her on the walls. Don’t you love the giant glassses?

I really didn’t have much time to talk to her about her studio as we had other family business to discuss.

I really would like to have known more about the space and how she created the organization, but another time.

I look forward to seeing what comes next.

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  1. Great studio! Thanks for sharing it. Sorry you are having an argument with your sister. That is always hard. Thinking of you.

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